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NEW Birchbark Games Table NEW Driftwood Sideboard  NEW Driftwood Coffee Table NEW Horn Table
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Pine and Birch Bark Liquor Cabinet
30"ht 60"20"d
A set of Sideboards Cedar and Birch Bark Wine Buffet 
30"ht 50"l 20"d
Antique Pine Wood Bedside Tables 28"ht 30"l 20"w Birchbark & Cedar/Pine Top
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 Birch bark, twig and antler. Round Tables 28"to 48"dia. 30"ht
 various prices
Custom Root Table
(when available)
Round Pedestal Tables 44" dia. Octagonal frame with birch bark and antlers Birchbark Sideboard
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  Antique Style Desk
30"ht x50"l x24"w
Antique Style 3 Drawer Sideboard
60"l 30"ht 18"d
Couch Tables
Birch Bark, Pin Cherry Pine Top or Exotic Woods, Antler Handles
30"ht 60"l 20"d 

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